About Us


Bishop Eric Ntorinkansah is the Founder and General Overseer of Living Flames Baptist Church International with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. He was called into the ministry at the tender age of nineteen (19) and has used his anointing to touch and change the lives of people all over the world. His was called to reach the unreached with the message of peace, hope and reconciliation...click for more


The Living Flames Baptist Church is an international charismatic church, with a vision to reach the world. The church was founded in 1993 by Bishop and Mrs. Eric Ntorinkansah with the obedience to the call to God's service and the passion to snatch lost souls from the road to hellLiving Flames Baptist Church began as a fellowship in Edmonton, London with 6 members and two babies led by Bishop Eric and his wife Lucy...Click for more



We are a charismatic church that believes in the death and resurrection of Christ. God accepts people into his kingdom if only you accept Christ as the True son of God and he came to earth to die for our sins. The gospel we preach is to bring people closer to God and also gain eternal life. We acknowledge the importance of prayer and to support growth we encourage a constant communication with God through intensive prayer...Click for more


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